Great visuals + Content Marketing = Success

We live in a world of instant gratification, information overload and shrinking attention spans. You (the brand) have 3 minutes or less to captivate and engage consumers or lose them forever. It all comes how well you understand the digital landscape.

Mobile-first world

73% of millennials access content and make purchases directly on their mobile devices. It is important for your brand to be accessible, utilizing the right technology and fast-loading on mobile devices.

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Visual Appeal

90% of consumer buying decisions are influenced by design, colors, packaging and presentation. Is your brand visually appealing that it sells itself without assistance of your marketing pitch?

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Content Is King

Millennials spend close to 18 hrs a day consuming media across multiple sources, most of it shared or created by their peers on social networks. Are you promoting your content through multiple channels?

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Who We Are

Brightpoint Interactive is a digital agency in Atlanta. We are a small team of developers, designers and number-crunchers with a passion for music and the creative arts.

We develop and support digital products that help creative professionals and entertainment brands manage their digital presence better.